Nextiva Phone System

Integrate your team’s communication platform!


Do yourself and your employees a favor and automate repetitive tasks like; looking up information, account history, and sending replies. 


Be equipped with a holistic and complete view of your customers in real time.

Get real-time insight and a complete view of your customer. Turn customer and business data into knowledge your whole team can use.

Create a personalized customer experience anytime, anywhere, on any device.​

Make calls from your Outlook address book, and know which of your contacts are calling immediately.

Nextiva Teams integration brings your Nextiva Business Phone Service and settings into Microsoft Teams, giving you the Amazing Service and reliability of Nextiva.

At the same time, you enjoy the familiar experience of Teams.​

With Nextiva, you can take your office with you on your cell phone with no issues or complicated forwarding setup.

Communicate with voice, SMS, email, conference calls. Keep track of all conversations. As a result, customers will never have to repeat themselves and feel heard.